Ta-Fa Metallic Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1965, specializing in manufacturing metal products with advanced technology and know-how in professional steel sheet working. During the last 40 years, Ta-Fa has made enclosures, steel furniture, tobacco curing machines and grain dryers. Ta-Fa has acquired many national quality certifications and most of the products are sold to Japan, America, Malaysia, and Philippines etc.

Ta-Fa started to manufacture a wide variety of enclosures from 1998, including M9 and M8 series enclosures, C6 series European standard compact box, M5 series console desk, M4 series console system, M3 series terminal boxes system, D7 series steel and D8 aluminum 19" rack. M9 series was widely used by well-known public companies (AU Optronics Corp., Quanta Display Inc., Chi Mei Optoelectronics etc.) and in public constructions (Taiwan High Speed Rail, MRT, power-station, petroleum refinery etc.). The M9 and C6 series are certified TUV IP 55. The D8 series of 19" cabinet (rack) are used by Chunghwa Telecom in IDC control room. Ta-Fa has developed "outdoor cabinet" from 2004, and exported to Thailand. In 2005, Ta-Fa is beginning to cooperate with Chunghwa Telecom to develop Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC).

Our experiences and investment in R&D are the main factors that bring out the quality in our products. Our design team, supported by the latest generation of 3D CAD System, provides the best services for customers.

Ta-Fa has advance production equipments: NC-shearing machine, CNC turret punch press, CNC automatic bending machine, multiple spot machine, pneumatic spot machine, argon welding machine and powder coating equipment, etc., to make enclosures, cabinets and racks with the best quality. Our automated production lines and flexible manufacture system can fully satisfy the needs of customers.

To make sure the quality of our products are always perfect, we introduce a complete quality management system from material to finish goods. Ta-Fa obtained the quality certification ISO-9002 in 1996, and upgraded to ISO-9001 in 2002.

Ta-Fa Metallic Industrial Co. Ltd. used design and manufacturing expertise to provide full-service to our customers and to meet their specifications. We are looking forward to create the value in the future with all customers. Thank you for your visit.

Our principles of management:

  • Following the management guide lines "Harmony, Share, Prosperous".
  • Realizing the spirit of " Seeing Truth From Facts, Searching For Error Cause".
  • Establishing the cooperative organization of " Renewing And Growth ".
  • Realizing the quality ideal "Satisfying The Customers And Everybody Participates".
  • Achieving the object of cooperation of " Everlasting Management".